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Datatechture's consultative approach to "customer value management" is based on the use of enhanced customer data, sophisticated analytic tools, and a focus on individual customer value. Our Quantitative Continuous Learning approach is a structured cycle of investigation designed to help leverage data objectively to create and execute profitable marketing solutions. Our approach has produced significant economic impact for a variety of client situations.

Our analytical experts and strategic consultants will work with you to evaluate your business objectives and current processes, plan and prioritize the best solutions, and then help you deploy the right balance of marketing resources to address your specific marketing needs.  

Unlike most consulting firms, our consultants actually take time to become intimate with your customer database before beginning any analyses. This makes us stand apart from our competitors. Typically 50% of any given project is dedicated to getting familiar with customer data through data investigation and manipulation. We will drill down into your data to assess your program successes and failures, and apply our business experience and technical know-how to help you identify profitable new marketing strategies.